"Why do we still pay Al Levi for ongoing consulting three years after we first started working together? Because I know how easy it would be to fall back into our old bad habits."
Steve Lowry, Owner
Lowry Electric, Inc.
Hatfield, PA
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About Al Levi

About Al


A Little About Myself and What I Can Do For You

I retired before I turned 50 after working for more than 25 years in every facet of my family HVAC/Plumbing businesses. I was so successful at implementing the business systems and at training people that I was able to sell my share in the company to my brothers. They continue to grow the business, and we’re as close as we ever were.

Today, I live most of the year in sunny Phoenix, overlooking a golf course. And when it gets too hot in Arizona, I head to my home in New York by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. In short, my wife and I are living our dream. We kept our promise to each other – to retire from the rush of business before the age of 50, and then to help others do the same. That’s why I started Appleseed Business.

I’m all about planning and systems. I’d like to bring my systematic approach to your business and get it working better for you. The key to the success of our family business is in my comprehensive manuals, Operating Power and Staffing Power. It took years to put these together. The policies, procedures and checklists provided consistent performance that benefited us as owners, as well as being valuable to our employees and customers. And everyone got along! I’ve turned the information in these manuals into “products” you can use to achieve real business satisfaction. These include my individual business consultations, workshops and seminars. Whichever of these paths you choose, you’ll learn, you’ll grow and you’ll join the many satisfied business people that I’ve been so fortunate to meet and help.

You may not want to retire before you’re 50, but wouldn’t it be sweet to know that you could?
Let me help you get there.

– Al Levi

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