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Jim Criniti
Jim Criniti
Zoom Drain and Sewer
Philadelphia, PA

“I really wish you would stop writing books and giving away all of the secrets! Of course, I’m mostly kidding. Thanks for everything you do to help your fellow contractor, Al. You certainly changed the course of my life.”

Kathy Betlem
Kathy Betlem
John Betlem Heating and Cooling
Rochester, NY

“The Selling Power and Sales Coaching Power systems are working great for us. The Techs are making and exceeding goals and customers are being served better all the time. We are very happy.”

Sam Scalia
Sam Scalia
Montreal, Quebec

“I very much appreciated the practical information in your book, The 7-Power Contractor. This is a valuable business tool for anyone looking to improve their business.”

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Al Writes

How Great Techs Become Successful Owners

How Great Techs Become Successful Owners | Al Levi The 7-Power Contractor

You quit that tech job at an established plumbing, heating, cooling, and/or electrical company because you figured you could be your own boss, make your own hours and charge a little less, and the money would come flowing in.

Maybe yes. Maybe no.

If you’re reading this I’m betting you also discovered there’s so much more to running a successful business than just being a good tech. And if you’re like most, you’re probably not completely sure what all of that “more” is!

Don’t get me wrong, actually knowing technical stuff for the work you do is helpful. But, it can be a double-edged sword if you’re the only one who can run a call the right way (at least, in your mind, anyway). It automatically limits your growth.

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Are the Stings Set Up by TV Stations Fair to Contractors?

February 14th, 2017|Leadership Power, Operating Power|

Are the Stings Set Up by TV Stations Fair to Contractors? | Al Levi The 7-Power Contractor

February may be when Valentine’s Day is, but too often there’s not a lot of love sent towards contractors in general, especially when a local news station sets up a sting operation targeting your industry!

Now a sting operation set up by a TV news station sounds like a good idea, but it’s not often fair.

Yes, there are still too many unscrupulous contractors out there who take advantage of the unsuspecting customer. But too often, the way these shows set up the problem the contractor is asked to uncover is equally unscrupulous.

For instance, the show will take a furnace that may be 25 years old or more and rig up a problem. The problem is the unit is statistically reaching the end of its useful lifetime and very unlikely to be as efficient and green as anything that’s been manufactured in the last 10 years. In that case the tech is obligated to offer both a repair and a replace option. Unless...

Don’t Have to Love It. Just Have to Do It.

February 8th, 2017|Leadership Power, Operating Power|

Don't Have to Love It. Just Have to Do it. | Al Levi The 7-Power Contractor

There’s always a project that you know you need to do, but you always manage to put it off…don’t you? Relax, it’s human nature to procrastinate, especially on things we know we hate, or we perceive as difficult.

The great news is once you commit to getting it done, it’s rarely as hard to do and normally well worth the effort.

I know because once upon a time I was a procrastinator. I would have stayed that way if not for the help of my mom. She saw that I struggled with my homework and had bad study habits, but she coached me, “Start with a plan. Do something easy and build your confidence vs. starting with something tough and getting frustrated.”

It really works!



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